We ensure safe sleep.

With allergy-neutral bedding, bedding and encasings by MiPROwell® they are completely protected.

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The MiPROwell® products provide dust mite allergy
sufferers a restful and soothing sleep. They are soft, cuddly, breathable, without slipping or rustling.

MiPROwell® Encasings & bedding products for house dust mite allergy sufferers

House dust mite allergy is one of the most common allergies. These are triggered by the house dust mites and their feces. As a rule, the house dust mite allergy sufferer has allergic symptoms all year round, which can be exacerbated during the heating season.

MiPROwell® protective covers and encasings serve as a safe barrier between the mite excrement in the bedding or mattress on one side and the hair and dander as food source for mites on the other side. The optimal living conditions of the mites are made more difficult and the mite concentration is reduced.

Mite impermeability of the MiPROwell® encasings

The functionality of the MiPROwell® products against dust mites is achieved solely by the weave construction, special zippers and safety seams. Chemical additives and optical brighteners are completely dispensed with. The encasings as well as the already filled pillows and blankets are additionally available with a woven carbon thread. As a result, they have a detectable antistatic property.

Examinations and certifications of MiPROwell® encasings

Particle retention is regularly checked and certified by Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG for leaks against mite faeces allergens. In addition, the products are tested annually to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which proves the safety of all components. For the MiPROwell ® encasings, product class I is achieved, so that they are also suitable for babies and very young children.

The MiPROwell benefits at a glance

Protection against mite allergens

Over 97% reduction in allergen content

Proven Quality

Mite density tested by the Hohenstein Institute Test No .: HL

Free of pollutants

as well as optical brighteners and chemicals

For the whole family

Protective covers also suitable for babies and toddlers

skin Comfort

Recommended for eczema

Low noise

Comfortably soft, breathable and durable surface

Easy care

Suitable for tumble drying and hygienic washable from 60 ° C